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Dr. Muhammed Abdullah Hassan Ahmed

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Power Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

Research interest:

■ Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems: Multi-objective optimizations and techno-economic evaluations of solar power generation, heating, cooling, and/or desalination systems; Optical and thermal enhancement of solar collectors; Photovoltaic cell cooling; Heat transfer augmentation using nanofluids; Modelling and forecasting of solar radiation, wind speed, and wind turbine power; Thermal energy storage.
■ HVAC and Buildings: Radiant heating and cooling; Nocturnal cooling; Passive and near zero-energy buildings; Adaptive and predictive control of HVAC systems; Indoor air quality and thermal comfort.
■ Data Analytics in Energy Sciences: Prediction and forecasting using Statistical and machine-learning techniques; Reduced-order modeling; Grey- and black-box model development.

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October 10th, 2021

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